The simple pleasure of riding a bike powered by the most natural energy possible, yours.

Equipped with a SHIMANO Nexus system, huppe’s transmission is similar to a gearbox: no fragile derailleur, everything is integrated in the hub. The system is extremely reliable, to ensure several thousand km of riding, without any specific maintenance.

All of the huppe features with a strong electric boost to go further and longer

It’s light, discreet, smart and offers state-of-the-art technology. The system has an innovative regenenerative braking system, and is designed to optimize energy consumption.

Summary :

  • Carry all your belongings
  • Ideal weight distribution, evenly loaded
  • Compact and manoeuvrable in all circumstances
  • (e)huppe with electric assistance
  • Smart assistance system featuring energy recovery
  • Upright position, ergonomic handles, gel saddle, and high-volume tires for maximum comfort
  • City-proof construction
  • Components selected to minimise maintenance
  • Automatic LED lights
  • Complete range of accessories for even more possibilities

Made in France

Transparency of the manufacturing process is key. We weren’t satisfied by the simple mention “assembled in France“

This is why design, assembly, and shipping will be done in our workshop in La Rochelle, and the manufacturing in France, by a specialized frame builder.
For us, it is essential to stay close to the production process in order to ensure permanent and effective quality control.

Only components that we cannot design ourselves are made abroad.

City-proof components

It only takes a little to affect the pleasure of pedalling. A poor quality component that’s ineffective or requires too much maintenance can discourage even the most motivated cyclists.

Therefore our responsibility is to carefully select each component of your bike, based primarily on its reliability, efficiency and ease of maintenance.

The transmission

Chain or belt, you have the choice:

The chain is simple, interchangeable, and above all very economical.

The belt is clean, quiet, does not rust, requires almost no maintenance, and can last several thousand kilometers.

The gears

They are integrated inside the Shimano Nexus hub to considerably reduce maintenance requirements and risks of breakage.

The brakes

Hydraulic disc brakes, efficient and safe, provide constant braking in all weather conditions.

The wheels

The aluminium double-wall rims are both light and very resistant.

They are equipped with high-volume tires to absorb the roughness of the road, and are reinforced against punctures.

The steering

The handlebar has been specially designed to provide a straight and comfortable position. The handles are ergonomic, and the gel saddle will provide you with all the comfort you need.

Delivered ready to go

Huppe is ready for all conditions and all situations. In addition to the basic components, it comes with kickstand, fenders, and lights.

The lighting

No switch, no battery, the lights are powered automatically by the front hub. The LEDs emit a powerful light that ensures you are always visible.

The kickstand

Parked on its central double arm stand, the bike is perfectly stable. In this straight-up position, loading of the trunk is made easy.

The fenders

ABS fenders are both strong and lightweight. They will help you face all weather conditions without ever getting dirty.


Do not get lost in the vast world of bike parts and accessories. With huppe, we offer a complete solution.

Discover soon a broad range of accessories designed specifically for huppe, and extend the capacity of your bike according to your needs.

No more trouble about compatibility issues, or complicated assembly. All of our accessories are designed to be easily mounted by everybody, without any particular knowledge.

Technical specifications :


mass dyed ABS

Loading capacity of 50L, and 25kg


Chromoly steel 4130 frame
aluminium fork 6061 T6


1, 3, or 8 speeds, integrated gear hub Shimano Nexus


Chain or belt Gates Carbon Drive CDN


Zehus Bike + (only (e)huppe)


Huppe handlebar, and ergonomic handles


hydraulic disc brakes Shimano M315


Double arm central stand


Double walled aluminium wheels


High volume tires 26×2.20, reinforced against puncture


Automatic LED lights


San Marco Bioaktive gel

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