The origins of huppe

The search for the perfect hybrid

Huppe stems from two bike lovers who ride every day. We were looking for a solution to carry all our belongings, be it a garment, a bag, or our daily shopping (or even all at once!) without being overloaded and forced to give up our bikes.

Disappointed by accessories with sub-par ergonomics and not excited by the idea of a bulky cargo bike, we decided to go our own way and started imagining an entirely new concept inspired by the city and daily life, by practice and aesthetics.

Surrounded by people with diverse backgrounds, experienced users and neophytes alike, cycle specialists, engineers etc., we set ourselves the goal of finding the best solution to that question : how to transport your everyday life by bike?

The concept behind huppe is the optimal balance between two key principles:

A compact size…

We wanted a bike that everyone can use every day. It had to be compact, manoeuvrable and easy to park. Its ease of use had to be its main advantage over other modes of transportation.

… and a genuine loading capability.

Riding our bike every day also meant carrying every day stuff. This had to be the core element in the design process of our frame: finding the ideal ratio between overall compactness and load capability. We did not want yet another simple bike stuffed with accessories. We wanted a plug-and-play solution that is both efficient and adapted to everyday life.

To these initial thoughts, we added further but equally important considerations such as the need for comfort, ease of pedalling, reliability and reduced maintenance, leading to the specifications that gave birth to the huppe concept.

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