6 key principles of huppe

Save yourself the effort, let huppe carry it for you

Its large trunk (50L excluding accessories) can support over 25kg. Go to work, do your shopping, or just go on a ride, and live life fully without risking overloading!

Still not enough? We have created a whole range of accessories especially designed for your bike for even more possibilities.

Ride further and longer

For unlimited pedalling, choose (e)huppe and its smart and elegant electric assistance.

With (e)huppe, there’s no unsightly battery as everything is hidden in the rear hub. The system is intelligent and kicks in as soon as you need it. It also recovers energy every time you brake or go downhill so no need to worry about running out of battery. You can enjoy your ride as long as you want.

Move with ease in all circumstances

Unlike cargo bikes, huppe is compact like a normal bike, and just as easy to ride.

The weight is located in the centre of the frame, and placed as low as possible, for a safe and pleasant ride. On all types of road condition, regardless of the load, huppe is balanced and helps you stay confident even in unexpected situations.

Original, both in form and substance

huppe is not only functional. Its original shape serves both practical and aesthetic purposes. This bike is unlike any other and its sleek and elegant look makes it a unique object, far removed from any standard of its kind.

Built to last 

Huppe is built to face the challenges of everyday life in the city. The frame is made of chromoly 4130. Both solid and lightweight, this classic and resilient material will ensure flawless longevity. The trunk casing is made of mass dyed ABS, a very resistant plastic widely used in the car industry. Each component is selected to offer the highest reliability and the least maintenance possible.

Ergonomics with comfort in mind

We have designed a unique handlebar which offers an upright and comfortable position that will save you unnecessary fatigue. The trunk’s shape is designed to allow natural pedalling like any bike, without hindering the legs regardless of their position. The crossing height is minimized for easy accessibility.

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