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What’s huppe ?

Traditional bikes are small, nimble and light, while cargo bikes are stable, strong, and carry large volumes.

We created a hybrid, a new kind of bicycle inspired by the best of both worlds.

Distinctive, agile and perfectly balanced while offering a real loading capacity, huppe is the perfect tool for a practical yet stylish ride.

A truly unique personality

In a standardised industry packed full of hundreds of similar bicycles, we have created a bike that’s out of the ordinary, a bike you choose because it has something more.

Huppe is instantly recognisable. Innovative, it stands out from the competition with its functionality, shape, and more importantly, its personality.

Nothing is left to chance. We designed each detail with a specific purpose, to meet a technical, functional need, to create a face, a body and an image. It’s much more than just a metal frame.

Inspired by, and created for everyday life

Cycling in an urban environment every day can be challenging. With this in mind we were inspired to design a bike that will make your life easier.

Huppe integrates all your needs for an urban commute. In addition to carrying your belongings, it offers a comfortable ride while reducing constraints related to maintenance, guaranteeing you the highest degree of reliability. It can even help you to pedal!


Innovative design

Huppe, it’s a design like no other. We incorporated a perimeter frame, uniquely designed for a bicycle. It ensures the best ratio between compactness and loading capacity, allowing an ideal weight distribution so you always remain balanced, even when heavily loaded.

… created by enthusiasts…

Enthusiastic about cycling, design, art, science, people and life in general… Huppe has been created by people driven by a common desire to build solutions for a sustainable future, well beyond a simple mode of transportation.

… and made in La Rochelle

Huppe was imagined by 2 Rochelais concerned with the way products are made today. « Assembled in France » was just not enough. This is why every step of the Huppe process, the design, manufacturing and assembly, will take place in La Rochelle or France.

The new video is coming soon.

 In the meantime, the first prototype movie is still online :

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