Who are we ?

We are Lisa and Victorien, partners in life, and associates at work. Together we created design&craft, the office behind the huppe project.

Living and working between vibrant, fast-paced Paris and relaxed, beachside La Rochelle, we ride our bikes every day in diverse urban environments.

Riding a bike allows us to escape overloaded public transport and equally enjoy a day of recreation. Today, we can’t live without it, it has even become our 3rd partner.

We are from La Rochelle

For many, La Rochelle means sea, sun and holidays. For us, it's much more. We grew up here and discovered the perfect environment for cycling.

In 1976, the city pioneered the first self-service bike system in history by creating the “yellow bike“. Fast forward 40 years later and all the big cities in Europe have their own system. This is the spirit of innovation and culture of cycling we want to perpetuate with the huppe project.

We are enthusiastic

…about cycling, of course, but also much more. We are enthusiastic about everything that nourishes our minds and our inspiration.

But to create an everyday object that’s both beautiful and functional, accessible to the greatest number and yet is still unique, we need more than a knowledge of design. We must be close to people, be interested in the most ordinary daily habits, dwell on every detail and reflect upon the best way to improve all the small actions that make up our everyday life.

We are millions

We believe that cycling is taking part in a huge community of users from all around the world and connected by the universal need to move in a simple, clean, practical, and fun way.

Cycling is a vast social network that exists through a constant sharing of experience. We started with this experience, ours and the experience of millions of people to imagine the huppe project. In the end, this bike wasn't designed by 2 or 10 people, but by a whole community.

We have a conviction

Like many, we are concerned about the impact of humankind on the environment. But here, optimism prevails because we believe that we already have one of the keys for a cleaner and more sustainable future: cycling!

No need to reinvent the wheel (!), cycling offers all the benefits. Cycling is accessible to everyone, regardless of social and economical status, gender, origin or age! It keeps people fit and happy. Its benefits are too many to be listed here.

We are huppe !

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